The Innovation Map Slovakia provides a comprehensive overview of key players who create an environment supportive to innovation in Slovakia. The map, an online website database includes Slovak innovators mapped into five categories, is regularly updated and freely available.

Slovak innovators are mapped into five categories – Funding, Support, Network, Education and Boost your idea.
  • Funding: capital funds that provide finance to young prospective projects in Slovakia
  • Support: support infrastructure in the form of coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators across the whole of Slovakia
  • Network: ecosystem players creating a network for entrepreneurs - competitions, associations, conferences, or organizers of innovation events.
  • Education: informal learning institutions dedicated to the development of digital skills or the development of entrepreneurial skills
Ecosystem maps are standard reporting tools for different target groups. The development of innovative ideas by individuals or companies at different stages requires different types of support from funding through a network of support organizations or business partners. The wider professional public also has access to an overview of the entire ecosystem, its size and regional division.

For state administration representatives, the ecosystem map has added value in the form of aggregate information that will help informing decision-makers in promoting innovation in Slovakia. At the same time, the map is a great source of information for newcomers in the market, foreign entities or individuals who want to learn more about innovation in Slovakia.
Innovations never emerge in vacuum. Their development requires massive infrastructure and a favourable environment in which experience sharing, talent mobility and quality funding sources are available. In the past decade, Slovakia has shifted rapidly from Europe's production hall to an economy where innovative ideas receive not only space but also the necessary support for growth.

Innovation Map Slovakia shows all those who work to make innovation the driving force of the Slovak economy in the rapidly changing world of technology. The current version of the map will be updated regularly. Our ambition is to create the awareness among diverse stakeholder groups so that the Innovation Map Slovakia becomes a regular go-to tool for everyone interested in innovation in Slovakia.



Founded in Bratislava in 2014, the Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy (SAPIE) is the largest innovative alliance in Slovakia. We are a leading forum for debate on digital economy and innovation in Slovakia. We act as a neutral, independent and non-profit platform representing the digital and innovative economy on national and European level. 

Currently, we represent more than 90 members - successful Slovak innovative companies, startups, venture capital funds and angel investors, coworkings, incubators, accelerators as well as non-profit organizations and projects aimed at supporting innovative education and the Slovak innovation ecosystem. 

SAPIE has become a credible body that unites the best innovators in Slovakia and builds positive PR of Slovakia as a tech hub in the heart of Europe.